Snorkeling in Dominica offers a unique experience. The water here is warm, clear (typically 75-100' visibility), and there is abundant life of all kinds: tropical fish, coral reefs, & marine mammals. Our snorkel boat offers an esthetic and ecological way to access all that nature has to offer in Dominica.
We recommend a tour to maximize your fun, ease and peace of mind.  Our guide knows the good snorkeling spots, where to find marine mammals, provide drinks/snacks & snorkeling instruction.  Our guide also offers local color and history that will enhance your trip. 
Our typical guest ranges in age between 4 and 80.  Through the help of your guide the tour is designed to be comfortable for the novice and effortless for the experienced, not details like how to find quality equipment, locate good snorkeling with lots of coral.
We focus on the scenery and marine mammals that may come our way. And if you are tier, you can rest on a beautiful beach nearby the snorkel spot.